The Joshua Fund is helping finances projects to bless impoverished Holocaust Survivors in Israel with food coupons and visits from people who love them.

One of the projects in Israel that The Joshua Fund enthusiastically supports is one that provides financial assistance to impoverished, elderly Holocaust Survivors to buy food and household essentials they otherwise could not afford. Here are a few excerpts from an email we received from the director of that project:

“I have been doing evaluations to determine the effectiveness of our Food Coupon program. Several things have stood out: First, the Survivors we are meeting for the first time and receive a coupon are crying and hugging us. It is not that 50 shekels goes a long way — it is not a large sum of money. It is the act of giving to a people who are used to being forgotten.

“Second, I am seeing results from the consistency of providing this coupon. Many organizations make sure the Survivors have special attention on the holidays with packages, gifts, food, cards, banquets — all good things that make them feel special. We are very grateful to those organizations that do that; those are things we cannot afford to do and we like to see others pay attention to our Survivors. But to consistently, every month, remember them with tangible help — to visit them and take time to hear what they have to say – to them that indicates true and lasting love.

“Third, one couple we were visiting for their 49th anniversary gave me an answer I had not known before. I asked her if the coupon is really any help . With a huge smile, this woman said, ‘I have not had to use my own money to buy laundry soap for almost two years. Not only that but since we receive the coupon I use it to purchase milk and eggs because the Mega Store (Mega Store Food Coupons) honors the full 50 shekels and their milk and eggs are cheaper. In this way, I am able to stretch our own funds to include beef in our diet which we could not afford before this. My husband, David, goes for dialysis three times a week, and he has no appetite. But since I am able to get meat now, he is eating better! Yes, the coupons are a gift from God!’

“When we first gave out coupons it was to 55 people and it was a struggle to make that budget each month. Now look what God has done! Almost 400 people will receive coupons each month in 2010 because of the help of The Joshua Fund!….The grant from The Joshua Fund was above and beyond what we were expecting.”

Thank you for your financial support. Please pray faithfully for these dear Holocaust Survivors who need to know that the Lord loves them with an everlasting love, just as the Hebrew Prophet Jeremiah said.

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