October 6, 2010
TO:    Pastors and Ministry Leaders who have been friends of The Joshua Fund

FM:    Joel C. Rosenberg

RE:    A personal note regarding Israel

I know you have a lot on your plate, especially at this time of year. But I wanted you to know that my heart grieves for the Jewish and Arab people in the Middle East. With evil rising in the region, Israelis and her neighbors desperately need to know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob loves them and wants to draw them close to His heart. I believe the Lord is calling His true followers to be a witness for Him in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in a very special way next year, and I would very much like you to be a part of it. 

That’s why I am writing to ask you to prayerfully consider being one of 50 visionary pastors to join The Joshua Fund by bringing at least one bus of 45-50 Christian leaders and/or lay people to Israel next year to tour the Holy Land and participate in the 2011 Epicenter Conference.

The conference will be held May 15-16, 2011 at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. We will be teaching the Word of God , specifically through the Old Testament Book of Joel with all of its End Times prophecies and call to God’s people to repent and return to the Lord with all of our hearts. We will be praying for the peace of Jerusalem .   We will be worshipping the King of kings and Lord of lords.  We will be sharing about the humanitarian relief work of The Joshua Fund and sharing how believers can bless the lives of the poor and needy in real and practial ways. We will also be inviting Israelis and Palestinians — believers and unbelievers — to join us  at the conference.  

Joining me to teach will be  a team of wonderful, solid Bible teachers like Pastor Skip Heitzig (who helped me lead the first Epicenter Conference in 2008); Pastor Ray Bentley (who helped me lead our first Epicenter Conference in Asia last January); Kay Arthur (who  did such a wonderful job teaching at the 2009 Epicenter Conference in Philadelphia this summer); Anne Graham Lotz ( a new and dear friend and ally who leads “Just Give Me Jesus” conferences around the world and is the daughter of Dr. Billy Graham); and others.

It’s wonderful, of course, any time a pastor  or ministry leader brings a tour to Israel. But imagine the impact we can make for Christ Jesus if we all go to Israel together at one time. Imagine the extraordinary witness and blessing it would be to Israel if 2,000 to 3,000 followers of Jesus Christ would come together corporately as the Body of Jesus Christ to demonstrate unconditional love and unwavering support. Imagine the message this would send to Israel’s neighbors, and to her enemies, when we come together to  proclaim the love of Christ to the people of the epicenter, in the epicenter. Imagine the impact on the Church that we can have together when a conference like this  — a call to the Church to fall in love with Jesus, our Jewish Messiah, all over again — is webcast live around the world, as well as broadcast on radio and TV, in English, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic. Lord willing, that’s what the next Epicenter Conference is all about.

Would you come with us? By God’s grace, we’d love to make it as simple as possible.

* Many tour options to choose from — The Christian tour agency we use and trust—Inspiration Cruises & Tours—has turn-key trips designed and ready to go next May. They have 7-day tour options, 12-day tour options, as well as 14-day tour options. There are also a range of dates you can choose from, all of which include registration for two days at the Epicenter Conference. They will help you with all the details, and all the logistics. They will help you print brochures tailored to you and your ministry. We have loved the excellent service they have provided on our other trips and we know you will be blessed by them. 

* You and your spouse can go for free — If you bring at least 10  paying guests, you can go for free.  With each set of 10 additional  paying tour participants, you can bring another family member or staff  member for free. We want this trip to be a blessing to you  and the ministry you lead, not a burden. 

* Exclusive, special  session for pastors and ministry leaders — The Joshua Fund and I will host a special, exclusive session separate from the conference just for pastors and ministry leaders who join us. You’ll meet Israeli and Arab pastors, get a behind-the-scenes look at what the Lord is doing in the epicenter, and receive inside information on the latest geopolitical developments in the region , have time to ask questions, and time to get to know each other.  Together, we’ll seek the Lord on how to take the message of the conference back home what He wants us to do next. We’ll have more information on this  private session as we get closer to the Conference.

For more information on how to organize and lead your own tour, please click the link or call the number below:   

Inspiration Cruises & Tours: 800-247-1899

Or contact Dave Olsson, The Joshua Fund’s Director of Communications at

P.S. — If you are interested in coming to Israel and going to the Epicenter Conference but the Lord is not calling you to lead a tour  — or if you are already leading a tour this fall or next spring but would like to come individually to Epicenter Conference without bringing others with you — please consider coming on The Joshua Fund tour. The dates are May 13-24. You can learn more and sign up at

This is a critical moment in the history of the Church and the history of Israel. May the Lord bless you as you bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3.


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