Here are some of the projects we’re working on. In 2010, The Joshua Fund: 

  • Made our rented warehouse facility fully operational and began using it to care for poor and needy people throughout Israel
    Last year at this time, I reported that TJF had just signed a lease to rent a warehouse in central Israel. By God’s grace, today I am pleased to report that in the past 12 months, TJF:

    • Hired a full-time Israeli warehouse manager
    • Hired an Israeli assistant to help in the warehouse part-time
    • Hired a full-time Director of Humanitarian Relief
    • Hired a full-time Deputy Director of Humanitarian Relief
    • Built two offices in the warehouse
    • Built a kitchen and conference room in the warehouse
    • Outfitted the bomb shelter with emergency supplies
    • Installed a state-of-the-art video security system
    • Purchased a forklift and had our manager trained/licensed in its use
    • Purchased a delivery truck and had our manager trained/licensed in its use
    • Best of all, since spring 2010, we have been purchasing, storing, repacking, and distributing hundreds of tons of flour, rice, beans, corn, pickles, tuna, cooking oil, honey, paper towels, diapers, and other supplies to the poor and needy throughout the Land of Israel
    • We are stockpiling food and relief supplies in our warehouse for the next war. And we continue to provide funds to a Christian organization ally of ours so that they continue stockpiling more food and relief supplies at a separate warehouse in northern Israel ahead of the next war.
    • Dozens of evangelical Christians from the United States – including several church groups – have come to Israel to volunteer in TJF’s warehouse, packing food and relief supplies, praying for the Lord to bless each of the recipients of those supplies, and then actually going out and deliver those supplies to the poor and needy.
  • Expanded the number of food distribution centers in Israel that we have opened and assist on a monthly basis from four in 2009 to seven in 2010
    We refer to these seven centers as “storefronts.” The staff and volunteers in each work with the social welfare offices in local municipalities to determine the poorest and neediest in their communities, and then distribute boxes or baskets of food and other aid to these needy families, supplies.

    • Thousands of poor and needy Israeli Jews – including Holocaust survivors, elderly, children, single mothers, widows, orphans, and others – are being served and cared for each month.
    • Some storefronts are strategically located near the northern and southern borders. Others are in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the interior of the country.
    • TJF has purchased a total of 7 vans in Israel to increase the mobility of our allies and our staff and help them deliver aid directly to people’s homes, especially important for the elderly and Holocaust survivors.
    • TJF is training storefront managers in best practices and for the next war.
  • Through our storefronts, some 1,200 needy Jewish families in Israel were directly provided food and supplies for Passover. In another project we financed, about 1,600 needy Israeli families living under the poverty level received gift cards that enabled them to buy Passover supplies for this vital Biblical holiday.
  • Helped purchase two ambulances for Magen David Adom (“Red Star of David”), Israel’s emergency response organization.
  • Helped provide monthly rent for a facility in central Israel for a soup kitchen.
  • Helped purchase backpacks again this year for needy Israeli children. Both Jewish and Arab children received these bags.
  • Helped finance urgently needed heart surgeries and follow-up care for more desperately sick Arab and Iraqi Kurdish children.
  • Helped provide monthly support for a Christian ministry caring for needy Palestinian Arab children in Bethlehem.
  • Helped finance the “Back To Jerusalem” conference run by Arab Christians in Israel and the West Bank for the third year in a row. Volunteers distributed 23,000 packets of materials containing copies of the New Testament, the Jesus film, and other Christian materials in Arabic (see article in this month’s newsletter).
  • Helped finance medical clinics in Bethlehem, Tel Aviv and Ramallah, run by two physicians who volunteer for TJF (see article in this month’s newsletter).
  • Helped the first officially licensed Christian radio station in the history of Iraq increase the size of their antenna and make other technical improvements. This expanded the range of the station from reaching an area of some 2 million Muslims in northern Iraq to an area of some 3.5 million Muslims. TJF also began sending an Arab believer who is a specialist in gospel radio to train the radio staff.
  • Financed the production of an additional 140,000 copies of the Damascus film on DVD, on top of the 300,000 copies TJF financed in 2009. This remarkable film was produced by Arab Christians in Syria to reach their Muslim and nominal Christian neighbors with the gospel. The DVDs financed by TJF are being distributed in Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, and Lebanon.
  • Organized Bible conference for Iraqi pastors and ministry leaders, and took three American pastors to help TJF staff with teaching and other ministry projects. The conference was held at the newly completed ministry training center in northern Iraq that TJF helped finance for an Iraqi Christian ministry organization.
  • Participated in the Epicenter Conference in Philadelphia and the first Epicenter Conference in Asia (Manila, Philippines). Through these, Christians in 94 countries learned about God’s love for Israel and her neighbors and about the work of The Joshua Fund through live webcasts and TV/radio broadcasts.

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